Friday, 17 November 2017

Three CRUCIAL Rules for becoming "INCREDIBLY LUCKY," that you might not ...

Three TRUE Rules for BECOMING INCREDIBLY LUCKY, that you won’t like! 

Rule number one: 

The first rule is your success in life is defined by the people around you. 
As soon as you meet or surround yourself with positive thinking people, you will actually be shocked, because instead of putting you down, like loser friends, they will rubbish your ideas of maintaining mediocrity and raise you to ridiculously high levels that you would never dream of achieving. The other thing is that your income will average that of those you surround yourself with. This is possible simply because it’s wrong for peers to have different levels of income and your subconsious makes you take action. 

Another thing you will find is that the successful people you surround yourself with… often on high incomes, at first appear to be completely unrealistic and almost and unnecessarily delusional in their optimistic thinking patterns. We soon find however, that the delusion was in fact our own! 

Norman Vincent Peale went so far as to state that a winner is a true believer, whereas a loser is skeptical and can’t believe in anything. At first this might seem the reverse of what reality really is, but if we look at some of the most famous entrpreneurs, they really did have some very fancy, almost megalomaniacal and crazy ideas, which did in fact come to fruition. 

Rule number two: 

If you slump into any chain of depression, drug abuse, or self abuse, by which I mean you carry chains about you of negativity fostered by some series of unlucky misfortunes, you will miss out on a great deal of luck which you may reject, out of some misguided sense of vengeance at the unvierse, or that you feel you will again be unsuccessful. Trust me, this is the best time to reverse your fortunes. 

In fact by missing the first piece of luck which might be offered to you, you will also miss out on a little-known principle of luck pyramiding, by which one pices of small luck results in more and more spectacular pieces of luck. This is how presidents sometimes rise to power. If you want to learn luck pyramiding, you had better develop your intuition skills. Rest assured that your natural intuition, however, will scream out to you when you should accept a piece of luck. Unfortunately if you are in a depressed, unhealty state you will not feel yourself in a position to accept. Perhpas never fall into one. Most of us ignore intuition anyway but animals follow it intead of the higher thinking of the upper brain. 

I was reading a book called How to Attract Good luck and it seems that Luck often compounds into more luck, and luck is formed by having a non-cynical openly friendly and beneficient attitude towards strangers, because almost all luck is made by interaction with other people, usually strangers, ratehr than friends, who actually cannot really show you anything they havn’t shown you already.

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