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Legend holds Khufu found technological plans ("Spaceship Schematic?"). U...

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It would seem that Khufu actually found a document in Heliopolis in a Flint box which was a plan of the chambers of Thoth = Chamber's of Knowledge, some ancient building or even possibly Vimana from ancient times. It's all there in the Westcar papyrus.

In a way, this finally explains why a almost-stone-age person, Khufu, was able to build this pyramid, this enormous edifice, which incorporates all the ratios of planet earth, in such a structure, without possibly even being aware of why these measures and ratios had been selected.

In fact this explains the entire Giza complex. I have often wondered if the whole Giza complex was not designed on a computer. How else are all the mathematical ratios present, yet this could not have been done in Khufu's era. Besides, whoever heard of a machine made of stone?

However the Mahabharata states that one huge Vimana, or Celestial city, which was the translation for space station, in fact very much like the Stupa at Amaravati, which is unbelievable.

Of course all pyramids are really white space-ship like structures. Pyramid really means SPIRE-MIDDLE, the measurement of the central spire. Another measure was PERI-METER which is the circumference. None of these describe shapes. No-one knew what they ancient spaceships were like but people knew they wished to venerate the fallen Angel and even build him a craft to get back into heaven and defeat the other gods!

Discussed are the potters wheel on which man was created, which must really have been a centrifuge, and also, yet again, Adam's ribs. Cheers and consider supporting on Patreon. Wooohoooo!

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