Friday, 17 November 2017

Let's Find YOUR Totem (Spirit) Animal!

This is interesting stuff! Totem (also called Spirit Animals) are the counterpart of our own past present and future, but also our personality, expressed through the spirit world. 

In many ways the totem animal is an archetype of sorts which is expressed in the only way the universe knows how... a kind of waking dream... in which we see our totem animal, whether we actually see the creature, or only images of it in a trance. 

Every culture who emerged from Asia seems to have believed in the totem animal, Native Americans, Chinese, perhaps even the Egyptians who in part emerged from there! 

My own experience was to use a sacred lake, which was once sacred to the aboriginals, put myself into a trance and stare down into it. Then I saw images of my totem animal in my mind, and then realised what I had seen! This video explains how to do this! 

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