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Is it "forbidden" to say the Giza people built these "Inca" buildings in...

MYTH: The Fourth Dynasty reigned in Egypt, localised there.
REALITY: The Fourth Dynasty is a modern historical representation for an ancient culture of WORLDWIDE builders, the same as the proto-Inca described in other videos. Here are their monuments in Europe.

They were little like the third dynasty of Egypt, as indicated, who did not share a predeliction or compulsion for overengineering.

Unequivocally, these buildings are created by the same hand which created the Giza pyramids, as well as "proto-Inca" structures described in the previous videos.

The Structures described:

* The Saint Christina Well, Sardinia: Officially Bronze age, I think "Copper Age" of 2500-3000 BC or much much earlier. (hard BASALT!)
* A second sacred well in Sardinia which has 'knobs' for joins as well as polygonal and perfect masonry.
* The "Tsarsky Kurgan", Crimea, officially 400 BC or so but contains polygonal structures indicative of far earlier date.
* The Tholos Tomb of Mycenae, officially Bronze Age.
* The Ancient Pyramid complex of Khazakstan, c.3000 BC.
* The Sanctuary of Demeter, (Earth Mother) in Eleusis, Greece, contains early polygonal masonry of high quality.
* Tombs of Etruria, both circular and rock cut, from the necropoli of Tarquinia, Cerveteri, etc.
* Etc: There may be many more, this is what I uncovered in about a day of searching, so who knows what more there is, probably much more and most of is already destroyed in antiquity.   Including Maes Howe, Newgrange, Ireland, etc, as described in previous videos.

How to tell if a building is proto-Inca/Giza builder:
* It may have an Inca-Style angled doorway
* Polygonal masonry
* Precision joints indicative of high-tech cutting or geopolymer
* Unnecessary over-engineering "just to make sure"
* Work on a huge scale.

This video, the longest so far, is really two videos stitched together. It describes monuments on Sardinia, Greece as well as Crimea which bear, tangentially, the hand of the Giza builders of the 4th dynasty.

Egyptology is wrong in only looking at one country (They can't help it, look at the name of their profession!). Flawed in this way, it is up to others to examine other sites. This was a migrating tribe or people or culture, OR these monuments are another world civilization left over from earlier times. The Egypt historians look at one culture succeeding another, in time, but do not search in space, looking for hallmarks of the culture in terms of technicality. 

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Channel Trailer: Upcoming Videos that "They" will never ever talk about.

This is a trailer for my main Youtube Channel. For the loading window describing videos which are upcoming:

* The Minoan Language Speakers are still with us, speaking Minoan to this day
* Leprechaun doorways in Ancient Ireland, found.
* Why Ancient Siberia was never covered by Ice
* Rival pyramid cults in Ancient UK and Ireland
* Why Pyramids look like the mountains behind them
* Hindu festival the Khumbh Mela was practised in Ancient Egypt, Ireland, UK, Germany, at confluence of rivers
* Massive heads of the Eldrich race
* Machined Indians pillars
* New Kingdom Polygonal walls
* Gobekli Tepe builders travelled to UK
* Egypt-Style Mastabas at Cahokia
* Stonehenge built from Offcuts
* Mystery of the Round towers
* Lee line navigation and why they were sacred
* Lost high-tech science, and so much more!

All vids, plus other information:

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Why did the Etruscans, build a huge '"Javan-style" Stupa/Pyramid? Sulla:...

When we investigate the form that Porsena's tomb would have taken, it becomes rather apparent that it may well have been in the style of an Asian Stupa. It's quite clear that it may not have been in the style, at all, of some of the fanciful (reconstruction) pictures in which it is also depicted, with pyramids directly holding up a platform.

There could be a "Polygonal" Pyramid hiding underneath Borobudur, Java.

There would seem to be a polygonal pyramid hiding underneath Borobudur in Java. This is evident from various pathways which look quite bizarre. A caveat is that Unesco repaired the crumbling site in 1973, possibly altering its appearance, but this we do not know. The structure underneath would have taken the form of a polygonal platform, possibly.

Friday, 10 March 2017

The "Oldest" Stone Circle in the UK, 3100 BC, is the most advanced! TECH...

It was Sonchis of Sais who told Solon the Story of Atlantis, lost to the Greeks. It seems that the Atlantis legend clearly has strong links to Egypt. Solon mentioned that from beyond Atlantis, was the way to other islands, following which, one may reach the 'opposite continent' which I presume is America.

In this video, we look at the Egyptian connections to the Orkneys. It's rather clear that there is cut stone here, which no-one ever talks about and many similarities with Egyptian high-tech artefacts.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Amazon "Rainforest" is "man made". ICE-AGE Civilizations' genetic seed v...

So, what if the Amazon Rainforest is the result of a man-made catastrophe. It is really a bunch of weeds which have 'taken over' a huge portion of south America, once occupied by plains. Not only do we have amazing biodiversity in the Amazon, but the American veggies, which have created and fed the modern world, seem to be truly ancient, deriving from very ancient times. Is there an ancient 'geopolymer' seed vault?

Friday, 3 March 2017

"Atlantis" is "continuing" to slide into the Ocean. Photos from the scen...

By 'Atlantis', I mean that the relics are Ireland, UK, Netherlands (Doggerland). The whole Atlantic part of Europe seems to have been one culture in later times following the subsistence = rising sea level, which elevated by 60 meters over several thousand years following the end of the Ice Age. There was a time of stability but that ended in around 5000 BC which must be the time of "Atlantis." The 9000 Years before Solon, could be refering to the Sea peoples invasions in 1200 BC, if in 'moon years' of one month, Or they doubled up the dynasties. 

Thursday, 2 March 2017

They say Arthur's "Camelot" is a myth... so how to explain these buildin...

It's pretty clear from the maps, legends that Camolodunum(Roman name, or Camulodunon in Celtic) was a glorious city. Was this Camelot? What if it was never lost? I mean look at all these buildings? #Arthur #location_of_camelot #Mordred #historicity_of_Arthur.

"Grand Unified Theory" for a "SUPERTECH" Civ, 120,000 years ago, plus lo...

This is "Part 2" of my lil 'Grand Unified Theory'. In this I'm trying to put ALL the pieces together into something that fits reality! So, I'm talking about #Ancient_Astronauts, (humans), superweapons, all sorts of bizarre things. The people who came before us, well, it was a lost world, a geological epoch of warm temperatures just like the #Holocene today, but one with possible Advanced Tech.