Sunday, 27 November 2016

Kangaroo Attack

Hey guys, we made this vid in 2014! It's satire, BTW !

DOOMISH Rockpool

Now I love nature! We have some fairly doomish #rockpools on our SHIPWRECK coast including this one at Yohanna Beach which was pretty amazing!

In Search of the Bunyip (Cryptozoology Documentary)

Hey guys! This is a video I made some time ago about the #Bunyip. This incredible cryptid appears to be half emu, half crocodile! I am guessing in the style of the platypus, which is kinda half bird half otter! Enjoy!

Nokia Lumia 735 UNBOXING

Hey guys, this is my video for unboxing the Nokia Lumia vid. Enjoy! Nokia 735. It is one of Nokia's better phones. I used it for a year before the rear camera lens became all scratchy! The lesson I took home is buy a thick cover.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Rona Revving

The Toyota Corona Avante is a truly awesome car. I highly recommend it as a cheap first car. Anyway we've had one a long time in the family and this is what it's like to rev the daylights out of it!

My one meal on a calorie-restricted diet!

Hey guys check out my video!

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Why I ONLY eat raw!

Hey guys this is why I only eat raw! IT's really the best way to go!

Giza NOT what it seems! Not a tomb, not totally `Egyptian' either?

This is one of my youtube trailers, on GIZA. It is really not what it seems. Seems purely Egyptian, yet really is not!


Guys, here is a video, promoting my book, and talking about what happened BEFORE EGYPT! YESSSS!


Universe is reversing entropy!


Hey guys, check out this old vid I made on the ELECTRIC UNIVERSE! Here we see what blind Freddy can see, that electricity has a role to play in CONDUCTIVE PLASMA on the solar surface!

Our Sun: Electric Star

Hey guys, were you aware that our SUN is an electric star? That's right! Please check out this video on #Plasma_Cosmology. I am a plasma cosmologist as well as historian, (One article to my credit! so far...) and I totally endorse!

The SUN has belts!

Hey guys, here is a really old video I made on the subject of Electric Universe and Plasma Cosmology. Check it out!

Friday, 25 November 2016

Kindle Unboxing!

I unbox a kindle!


Kind of the proof that the Giza pyramids are not tombs

Introducing the real purpose of Giza (pyramids are not tombs...for men)

Guys, in this video I introduce the real and true purpose of Giza! I use my pool-table explanations to do so, on a model I made of the Giza pyramids!


This is why we have three pyramids, check it out, guys!


Hey, Crocodiles have to eat too! I filmed this on the Gold Coast Earlier this year!


Hey guys, this is where I explain the TRUE PURPOSE of the #GIZA_PYRAMID! This stuff is BOTH amazing and awesome! Buy my book as well to FIND OUT THE TRUTH!


Hey guys, is that juice you are drinking even real juice! Who knows what's in it! #raw_food


Hi guys, this is my video on the QUEENS PYRAMIDS. In this I explain just why there are three so-called queens pyramids a the Giza complex, next to the Khufu pyramids. Are they for his queens? I don't think so. Consider for instance the so-called Queens' chamber inside the pyramid. No. This is all part of the religion of the stone-age trinity. The three larger pyramids refer to one mythological trinity and the three smaller pyramids refer to another!


Hey guys check out my TRAILER on World pyramids! This is it! The explanation of my theory!

Westall UFO Crash Sites Evidence Hunt---Short Documentary

Hey guys, check out my latest video! This one is an investigation into the WESTALL UFO CRASH. Now this is really our #Roswell. It was fun researching this bizarre event and I enjoyed every moment of it! YES!

Melbourne's Secret Burial Mound. A short Documentary

Guys, check out this doco video on a secret burial mound in Melbourne, once sacred to the Aboriginees. Know that this was once possibly a joint polynesian/melbourne kingdom, situated right here in Melbourne!

This is how to MAKE good luck!

Guys, here is an important video on how to MAKE good luck! It's so easy!


Hey guys! Here I find a tree of the Aboriginals. Check it out! AWESOME!

What is it like to VISIT Stonehenge?

Hey guys! In this video I talk about what it is like to visit Stonehenge! It was a really interesting experience. There is also the phenomenon of geomagnetics which really seem to impact strongly upon what is going on in the 'underworld'. Wherever there is a hill = hell = holy, there seems to be some form of geomagnetic upheaval.

You have financial Security But what about HEALTH SECURITY!

Financial Security But what about HEALTH security, which is more, far more important! This video explains exactly how!

One simple thing = No more stress!

Hey guys check my video on ONE THING to BEAT STRESS! This is sure to work and the ONLY thing which can work in the long term! You simply have to find a career that suits you!

What is it like, to visit AVEBURY?

Guys, check my video on what it's like to visit AVEBURY, and don't forget to his SUBSCRIBE! Cheers!

What is it like, to visit NEWGRANGE?

In this video, I describe what it is like to visit Newgrange! Enjoy!

Hitler's bomb

Hi guys! I made this video yesterday about the possible Nazi nuclear program. Well, the program was real enough but what about results? Independent sources of information seem to hint that the Germans already had a bomb in 1945. Now I ask... what are the consequences arising from this hypothesis. The Americans had two bombs with two different technologies in 1945. Was one of them partly German? Did the Germans also go down the route of producing Uranium and H-bombs? Watch and subscribe!

Thursday, 24 November 2016