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A really simply explanation of the theory which EXPLAINS what GIZA IS FOR!

What the pyramids really are for! 

The pyramids are not granaries per se, but this may have been the explanation given to tourists, by locals. For nearly a thousand years, tourists coming back to Europe stated that the pyramids could be the granaries of Joseph. But why? Why foster this ridiculous lie? Locals even told Herodotus, truly that the pyramids did not have internal chambers, save for the Khufu pyramid. What were they getting at?

The answer is obvious

 All legends have some grain of truth which got the ball rolling. This is perhaps no exception. In fact, it is quite clear what is meant if we examine the similar behavior of locals at the Sphinx in the nineteenth century, following the discovery of the Dream Stela. This was a rock found carved at the base of the Sphinx. The New-Kingdom pharaoh who cleared the sand and restored the Sphinx, decided to put the Stela there. It was then reburied for millennia, since the Sphinx basically resides inside a hole in the ground.

Locals actually came and chipped away parts of the stone before it was rescued, for fertility reasons, as a token. We also have evidence that the name of the Sphinx was essentially remembered in Greek times as Hermes Trismegistus or a kind of wise Triple God. We also have evidence that Isis the fertility goddess was worshiped at Giza, since her temple was placed next to the Khufu pyramid in Greco-Roman times. The Great Triple Goddess was of course a neolithic fertility and world cycle entity. These are all memories of one goddess. The triple aspect of course also explains the triplicity seen at Giza. Without mentioning the Triple Goddes, Egyptologists explain the pyramids in terms of later gods, stating that the King, when dead, becomes Osiris, fertility god, continually regenerating the fertility of the land.

The pyramid seems to be a fertility temple. 

Pyramids are worldwide

There is another thing we really should consider. This is that we have huge mounds in Europe which were remembered as mounds for the conduction of fertility and harvest festivals.

Can we really apply Osiris to all the other world pyramids? Hardly. We need to go much further backwards in time (space) and look for a common denominator. These would be the so-called triple neolithic fertility gods and goddess of the Neolithic or New Stone Age, as well as Copper Age. We are talking pre-4000 BC here. I note that history begins in about 3100 BC in various parts of the world, settled by pyramid builders, so perhaps pyramid builders settled in about this time, after some catastrophe, and this was their 'year zero.'  We need to look before 3100 BC to find out who the gods were... We have three main gods in Eurasia at this time, a huntress (which became Artemis, essentially the Great Triple Goddess, and whose companion was a dog (sphinx)), a fertility deity, as well as a stick god, a sort of Totem. 

The Triple Goddess

Across Eurasia, the major Goddess seems to have been the Triple Goddess. Early man noticed a recurring 'triple' aspect in nature, each obviously directed by one aspect of the triple goddess. This is preserved in the Catholic religion, based party upon earlier European religions, as the 'Trinity', or triple aspect of God.

The triplicity seen at Giza is evidence of worship of something related to the triple Goddess. Other pyramid complexes around the world, such as Teotihuacan, also have certain triple aspects although not all do.

If we extrapolate back the fertility rituals which took place at Giza throughout historical times, and include the fact of resurrection or Osiris worship, and then include the fact that we need to look at worldwide deities to explain the prevalence of pyramids at an early time, we find that this derives back to a look at the Great Triple Goddess, explaining the triplicity and sphinx (dog) seen at Giza.

In Germanic mythology, which has been preserved in Scandinavia and represents a sort of early Cro-Magnon concept, the triple goddess lives under world mountain.


The Giza pyramids are a sort of mountain home for the triple goddess, the complex being dedicated to fertility and resurrection and eternal cycle of the land. The religion died soon after the Giza pyramids were completed.

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Does Synchronism prove Hologram Theory? 

There is a lot of talk lately that we are some form of projection. 

I did not believe the Hologram Theory at first but it sure as hell explains a lot. Increasingly clear this could be the case, at least as far as it might enable understanding of coincidence. The physicists have got it all wrong. There is not just entropy (disorder) which is increasing. (In the 19th century the physicists realized that everything is driven thermodynamically, so that heat (disorder) can be generated, driving all things forwards.) In fact, some bizarre coincidences today scream that something else is at play. 

Everything in the universe is stacked information. What is coincidence anyway except for a projection of related 'information' in the same place at the same time. That's when people say 'wow small world'. That information is one 'pixel' as the projectionists would say, being broadcast from somewhere in the universe. The fact the coincidences do not match up exactly indicate the pixel itself of information is being damaged by the distance it has to travel. 

This is where it gets funny. It's like an information 'entropy', in terms of an engine for moving things forward. Things bound within the same space-time system (us for example?) are continuously being USED to generate or playback information, fostered on them by something else. What is this something else? It indicates we are playing out our lives as Shakespeare would say, on a kind of stage, only in control insofar as we can 'stuff things up' as an actor might. So we are just pixels? Is that what it all is?

This leads to questions. One is really interesting (for me I suppose)

  • Are we, a highly infinitely complex organism kept alive due to projection capacity or our own capacity. 

Finding the location of the Great Projector

This is where it gets interesting! Hold on tight, because:

We could also triangulate the distance of the hidden 'projector' by somehow measuring the time difference and relatedness of coincidences on other star systems, assuming we became interstellar. If we were to stand in front of the projector, coincidences would actually be 'repetitions' rather than a kind of whimsical deja vu with an air of 'possibility'.

In addition, the 'repetitions' might occur at exactly the same time, so in a world located in front of the GREAT PROJECTOR coincidence and so me other magical stuff would be eliminated! Would there be less quantum mechanics, therefore, going on in worlds in front of the great projector?

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If you would like to read more about some of my ideas regarding all this, please have a look at my book, In Search of the Origin of Pyramids and the Lost Gods of Giza, available cheaply in Kindle edition. It is also available in paperback edition for those who wish to make notes. I guarantee you will see info found no-where else. . .