Thursday, 26 October 2017

Reacting to (and trying to explain) MOST FREAKISHLY "WACKO" OLMEC STUFF!?

The Olmecs, located in Mexico, constitute one of the earliest known civilizations in the Americas. Part of their mystery is about trying to understand their bizarre artistic rules and motif. 

The Olmecs certainly have a very large Chinese component to their culture, even a picture of a dragon with no wings, typical of Asia. Like the Chinese, they worked with Jade. But there is a lot more going on as well... The name Ku-Fu is actually pure Chinese. The Chinese pyramids are so much like the Egyptian pyramids and in addition, Both Olmecs and Egyptians worshipped Cats and Snakes, which both seem to express similar facial DNA as well as behaviours. There is something very feline about the way snakes move, and vice versa! 

What it really boils down to, is the concept of diffusion, as well as the fact that Olmec reliefs are incorporating snake, as well as 'jaguar' elements, to make them holy. This is the origin of the weirdness factor! Or at least one of them. 

The Olmec heads, might seem to actually be pre-End of Ice Age. I say this because they are very distinct and different from all the Jaguar-style Art which looks more Chinese. 

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