Monday, 23 October 2017


There is no going back after this! This is the "FINAL PROOF" that Bible contains information from the lost super-civilisation. Quite simply look at Adam's Ribs. The story goes that Adam's rib was removed by the Lord Our God in order to create Eve, who was then given back to Adam. 

This implies that 1) Cloning took place and it was done by ancient humans. How else would the story have come down to us. 2) That Adam and Eve may have been placed in a garden situation as a type of genetic experiment, a 'perfect world'. This was some ancient best-seller which morphed into the Book of Genesis! 

We know that stem cells are taken from bone marrow, but that is obviously not all that is going on here! Oh no no no! This is simply the tip of the Iceberg. We know the caduceus is the symbol for DNA which is also the symbol for medicine. It must have been so for tens of thousands of years! 

But here is the thing... We have 24 RIBS but they are PAIRED UP. Why come up with such an analogy? It's quite obvious really! The PAIRS of ribs are a metaphor for chromosomes! UNBELIEVABLE! Take one away and you have 23, the number of chromosomes in man. 

It gets better. Man has ONE LESS chromosome than women, or at least one is SMALLER! This is unbelievable! It places DNA and CHROMOSOMES in the CONTEXT of cloning from Adam's STEM CELLS. 

What becomes clear is this whole thing was an ancient textbook, which has become summarised into ONE SINGULAR LINE in the Bible! UNBELIEVABLE! Simply because the ancients could not understand this. I believe the culprits to the priests of Heliopolis who realised they were the LAST OF THE LAST of this great civilisation. As a result they decided to not only build the pyramids to enshrine ancient mathematics, but enshrined it in GENESIS, which then became heavily summarised. I believe GENESIS may have been the ORIGINAL holy book but as the Bible expanded due to prophet after prophet after prophet... well they had to shorten Genesis, For an example of how long original Genesis must have been... look at the 18 volume Mahabharata which takes up a library Shelf!

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