Saturday, 21 October 2017

Cover up? "UNBELIEVABLE RUINS" spotted in CRATER 10 min from STONEHENGE!...

WHY are we not being told!!!!? According to the info there is a copse of trees which guards a crater which leads down into the Earth and there are many weird stone ruins below. The area is also supposedly haunted by some force which does not approve of humans tampering with the area.

This story was told by a friend (who I won't name) from a reliable pair of witnesses who travelled in England in the 90s, I believe. There are UNBELIEVABLE ruins in the Stonehenge area. If you have info about the story, or anything, please leave a comment!

According to the story, the area is not photogenic. All pictures taken at the site did NOT come out. Furthermore no locals knew about this. The question is... did the couple actually even travel into another time? This is all exceptionally weird!

The thing is... there is HEAPS of weird ruins around Stonehenge! The apex of the Stonehenge 'triangle' which is really a hexagon, is Old Sarum. All the monuments on this hexagon, as I speculated in an earlier video, are possibly the ruins of bastions of an outer wall of Atlantis, which prior to this held the magnets for a giant synchrotron, in a far more technical civilisation.

Another thing is that Stonehenge actually honors its own latitude as the latitude is built in. That means it's honouring it's own location, implying it's built in honour of another earlier structure. It's crazy!

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