Friday, 13 October 2017

ABU RAWASH pyramid didn't "explode", but "IS" PRE DILUVIAN?!

This is interesting 1) There is a Grand Gallery in this pyramid which no-one talks about. 2) There is a boat pit lined with horribly primitive stones. In fact the boat pit at the Khufu pyramid is not even lined with stones at all... which tells us... KHUFU ET AL DID NOT BUILD THE PYRAMIDS! This is the first time I've seen clear evidence that the pyramids are older than the Old Kingdom! Now I am thinking that they date from the Demigod or Nephilim period!

In addition there is a clear layer of mud or something which has turned into rock but was once mud, on top of the boat pit. We cannot see if the Egyptians cut through this layer or the layer came after, as there has been too much looting in this place!

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