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OOPS.. "FAT GARDEN BUDH" is "NOT Actually" G. Buddha (400BC), but "Prome...

What your Garden Budh did sixty thousand years ago, may shock you! 

Have you ever wondered about the history and story behind the Garden Budh? Guatama Buddha was a historical figure who lived four centuries before Christ. He rebelled against regimentation and desparing at the transience of life, spent his life in prayer and fasting. His promulgation of a set of earlier doctrines triggered their spread throughout Asia. Since everything alive was said to have been re-incarnated from something earlier, he was said to have been the re-incarnation of an ealrier set of buddhas, going back in time to an indefinite era that no-one can identify. 

Your garden budh represents Guatama Buddha also since all buddhas are linked but before Guatama was born he was someone else. 

It is hard to reconcile a fasting austere man with the laughing fat man who seems to be forever at happy peace. 

The first clues as to the fat mans' origin are his ears. They are often depicted as stretched, elongated. In fact Buddha is a long ear, like the ruling class of easter island until they were wiped out in the 1600s, during a crop failure in the little ice age, by their unruly subjects, the short years. 

By tracing the laughing fat man to his ultimate origins we discover a history so incredible that it bloows the mind. 

There is always a legend of some god of knowledge. He came down and taught people writing and everything. Often this god was seen as the bad guy. WHY?! Why is the god of knowledge the bad guy? 

Here is a scenario that I believe in.  

Eighty thousand years ago were the final days of a great and glorious civilization hundreds of thousands of years old. great straight roads had been built across continents, now existing possibly as rumours of tunnels underground, often mistaken or used as mines, whose cities were later cannibalised into descendent cities, retainining alignemtns with other cities despite no present roads linking them. 

seventuy thosuand years ago the great lost supercivilzation, with a technology far exceeding ours was already in decline. At the time the Toba volcano erupted, possibly in conjunction with other massive disasters. geneticisits tell us there was an enormous bottle neck in the populations of most world species at this time, implying that there were very few survivals and all reproduced subsequently from a tiny number. Solon too, was told that humans reproduced from a very tiny number, who survived allt he catastrophies. 

Be this as it may. the eruption, or any catastrophe, would have affected one side of the earth disproportionately, compared to the other side fo the planet. For example 12,000 eyars ago, carp;oma nau impacts. also in norway and russia, seem to have wiped out all prior memory in the northern hemisphere. 

what was left was that one hemisphere retained some vestiges of high technologhy, with the other side of the planet reduced to the stone age. What followed was a period of survival and consolidation and warfare. One side of the planet battled away with laser canons while the other used sticks and stones.  

By the time the dust settled, generations had passed. Victors emerged with their flying craft trying to recolonize the other portions of the world, which had fallen into the middle ages, spreading their steampunk-level or more advanced empires. Legends grew up of wars fought in heaven. The underdogs in teh war sought to swell their ranks by raising the medieval civilzaitions out of hte abyss, with new technologies and other ideas, hence hte memory of teacher gods. 

We are now post toba, in an entirely uncertain period, but one described by the Mahabharata war. 

Any catastrophe, unless it is a nuclear exchange, must by its nature affect one side of the planet more disproportionately than the other, economicalyl and physically. It seems that victors from the high-tech side of the planet, attempted to re-settle the low-tech side of the planet. They wished to acheive their dream of uniting the world with one language, as it had been in times of old. 

Based u[on the spread of populations, the oxford dictionary of world mytholgoy actually tells us that the joker god, mankind's olderst god, seems to date from 60,000 eyars ago! This correlates very well with the advent of the toba eruption! 

This IS the ancient giant, the fallen Angel. What's going on here? 

Look at the Zburch idol for another picture of Budh, a wide-heade dgiant. In the middle is middle earth, our plane, the plane of mankind. Above are the giants of asgard, including a ring lord, similar to Hephastus, builder of technology. Below we see a giant actually holding up middle earth, he lurks in hell. What is he doing down there and who is he? He almost looks like an easter island statue. He is quite simply another giant or one of the nephilim, but underground. He is the fallen angel, cast down out of heaven in an epic war, tens of thousands of years ago, and remembered in this way. 

I beleive this was a sort of device, to venerate, but to also teach children the three levels of earth, as well as germanic mythology. Imprisoned below, a snake dripped acid on the fallen angel. This was captured in a bucket by his wife but he writhed in pain when she had to go empty the bucket. The parents could have used this as a teaching device and would have pointed out that as acid dripped on Loki, this would cause earthquakes. Meanwhile the archaeologists say the whole thing is just another idol. 

But what is it all about? They seem to have been remembering a scientific event, from eons earlier, high technology. 

This could be Budh, or could be Loki. In fact Budh, or Loki, is presented as about half the height of the gods in the heaven. In the Bible we know there are Giants and then Nephilim which are half gods. These were the bad batch, who broke the laws of heaven, in mating with the regular humans, and are threfore presented as half the size, and on earth, or even under the earth, being punlichsed. 

Here we see something of a confusion between the legends. 

Who is this ancient creator and why would the legends say that the first god already had the alphabet and technology? How do we explain this? 

Depicing the Budh as fat is therefore another way of representing, essentially, an ancient giant. You either increase the height, or the bredth. 

In.... due to a fearsome palace coup, 10,000 Chinese sailed out into the Pacific. They knew not where they were going, except that it would be safer thwna where they were. Those who made it to Mexico combinend with the natives to found a new civilization, the Olmecs, and the Chavin de Huantor, taking much chinese culture with them, the pyramids, number system, which was later handed to the maya, 

Are these olmec heads more representations of the giant Budh? How about the statues of easter island? Perhaps more of the same? An exhortation of sympathetic magic, demanding the reappearnce of the creator god. 

They carried with them, possibly for good luck, a representation of the memory of the ancient giant, who at one time helped mankind! 

Budh, Odin, one and the same, but their roles are confused. In fact the stories of each god seem to intermingle somewhat. At the end of the day, the names, which vary from tribe to tribe do not matter as much as the stories behind them, which are primordial and relate to a time beyond imagination. They were passed on from generation to generation, even after the original context was lost, becuase they were thought to be too important to be lost forever. They are the abbreviated versions of much longer tales, some of which are found in the Indian Mahabharata, an extraordinary text, unbelievable as it is a survival of times from before 50,000 yars ago. 

This idol from Bali was in a friend's house. I asked them what they thought it was. They said Buddha. I pointed out that he is a sleeping and content. He is sort of like a sleeping giant, and even sits beneath a kind of pyramid. There is a recurring legend that King Arthur as well as Barbarossa are asleep underground waiting for their people's direst need to awaken. Is this when the ancietn god was thought to have returned bearing superior technology, lend-lease technologies to subject peoples? 

What occured is that half the world was possibly obliterated in the eruption, with the survivors on the other half taking generations to rebuild their technology and regoup. Then they would land on the medieval side of the earth, over here, 

The Egyptians held the artifier, Hephaustus, god of technology, to be their first god, implying gods landed in Egypt, or elsewhere, from another part of the planet, or ultimately elsewhere, an outer space colony, . 

Later, nuclear war or even another catastrophe devastated the advanced side of hte planet, an inferno, leaving only reliques of technology and godlike kings on the primitive side of the planet, to rebuild. Hence the legends of gods coming down from heaven. They were really coming to colonize, to expand their own empires, and mating with women, having left their own women at home, was the fastest way to accomplish this, especially if they became marooned. We therefore lack many ancient technological texts as texts from the primitive side survive as well. 

In examining the Zburch idol we can see that they present the ancient gods, the giants, as heavenly, and the half gods, the nephilim, as cast to earth and underground. They could not perhaps conceive that the giants, not being originally synonymous with gods, and very human, should have too roamed the earth. I call the giant era the time of 120k-60k BC, the time after that, until the great catastrophe of 12,000 BC, i call the Nephilim Era. Humans lived in places such as Egypt. The stones of Baalbek and the Giza buried temples may have been hewn in this time, the era before the great catastrophe of 12,000 BC. The worldwide nephilim empire used geopolymer and advanced cutting technologies. Over time as they were separated, technologies varied, but they continuied to share with each other. Eventually hte distinction between nephilim and regular human was lost. Worldwide trade broke down and people forgot their international connections after periods of long dark ages and further cataclysm. 

Is this what happened? How innocent, are you, Garden Budh? 


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