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What if the Earth's diameter was able to implode... by say, 5%. DOES THIS EXPLAIN EVERYTHING about the last MASS extinction, which happened during the Ice Age?

I am very excited today. Everything came together in a snap while reading a strange book. I had the ultimate EUREKA-MOMENT.

'OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!' I said. 'THE EARTH HAS SUDDENLY,  CHANGED SIZE!' It seemed to explain everything! It explains the Holocene MASS EXTINCTION. Firstly the Earth is really like a star... heated according to similar nuclear or unknown principles. All stars are variable and change size all the time. Earth is simply a star which was not hot enough to blast away the garbage heap of the outer crust, which is always disintegrating and reforming. The next thing I'm going to say might shock you...

The Ice Ages NEVER made sense

I have never actually received a suitable explanation for why mammoths in Siberia suddenly froze solid with tropical plants in their mouth, supposedly at the end of the Pleistocene (ICE AGE) and why those mammoths are still frozen solid today, with the supposedly tremendous global warming. Tell me... does that make any sense? In fact the Ice Age does not seem to have touched Siberia: the coldest place on Earth. There do not seem to be erratic boulders found there!

All this happened 14-10K years ago and it was one of the biggest mass extinctions in history, usually ascribed to collapse in temperatures (The Younger Dryas) as well as the rise of man. But the overall period was one of an increase in temperature, or so it might seem.

Now to today. I more or less co-discovered this with my brother while having a Eureka moment reading Herbie Brennan's 'The Atlantis Enigma', 1999. The picture Herbie presents is of everything occurring together, the recent uplift of the mountains, the nature of erratic boulders as strewn 'somehow' and certainly not according to temperature (erratic boulders which supposedly prove the Ice Age found in the Sahara as well as Australia: but oddly not Siberia. [And how about crazy Snowball Earth, where erratics found on the Equator supposedly prove Ice Emerged from there, say 400 million years ago?] Then we have Mammoth bones crushed together, at times into a kind of cement. They are crushed in places, with human bones, implying everything went at once. These compacted deposits of animal carnage are located from Gibralta to Malta to Australia and beyond. There is more! Parts of the Atlantic floor don't even have any ocean sediment at all! They were above ground not too long ago! Something huge happened, and it happened not so long ago.

Whatever it is that occurred seems to have allowed mankind to finally conquer the world, perhaps also blanketing Earth in dust, killing off large predators, so that mankind could rise and multiply.

Doggerland, an island which is now Dogger Band, sank. Sundaland flooded, turning into Indonesia. (Robert Schoch proposes the sea level rising spread the pyramid builders from here, all around the planet). The Amazon Rainforest suddenly appeared perhaps less than 10k years ago, or as recently as 5k years ago. For much of its human history it was actually a farming plain, strangely enough.

As for the Ice Ages, sure there might have been some ice, more than today, but I think there is a problem with the theory of erratic boulders proving it, which could have been scarred or moved by any violent force.

Earth Expansion theory

One of the things which made me 'click' was the notion that Earth has changed size several times in the past owing to Earth Expansion. My old geology prof. Ian Plimer mentioned in a you-tube interview that the future of Earth Science might be a cross of Expanding Earth and Plate Techtonics, rather than simply Plates calmly sliding over a FIXED SIZE EARTH, as if it were a block of marble, never changing its state! The earth is liquid inside, or seems to be, liquids and gasses, like a star. Why should this be of fixed size? Why should it change? Almost every star in the universe is variable, either over years, minutes, seconds, or millions of years. They all change in intensity and size. Why not earth, which also has a dynamic nuclear dynamo at its center?

This theory can explain the entire Holocene extinction. We no longer need a massive supernova to explode far away. I found it hard to see how such an explosion could rain its plasma (comets) on the earth, as the inverse square law would totally diffuse the blast: would any fragments actually touch Earth at all? (A scenario illustrated in Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes)

My brother then asked me if the number of days in the year had changed, implying the Earth had increased in rotational speed, conserving the same momentum but being physically smaller. "It had" I answered. It has gone from 360 to 365! This would imply a contraction rather than an expansion, which would have lowered the sea levels. The sea levels ROSE at the end of the Pleistocene. (Ice Age). Contraction!

The difference between 360 days and 365 days would be related to the sudden diameter change in the surface of the Earth. I think it would all have happened suddenly, hence the choice of words being: EARTH IMPLOSION THEORY, by men, to describe this strange concept.

Memories of Something Violent

There are vast accounts now trapped in creation myths of various shaman traditions of catastrophic events in the past. Here is an event which the Egyptians tie to the shrinking of the number of days.

An Egyptian Poem:

A long time ago, Re, who was god of the sun, ruled the earth. During this time, he heard of a prophecy that Nut, the sky goddess, would give birth to a son who would depose him. Therefore Re cast a spell to the effect that Nut could not give birth on any day of the year, which was then itself composed of precisely 360 days. To help Nut to counter this spell, the wisdom god Thoth devised a plan.
Thoth went to the Moon god Khonsu and asked that he play a game known as Senet, requesting that they play for the very light of the moon itself. Feeling confident and that he would win, Khonsu agreed. However, in the course of playing he lost the game several times in succession, such that Thoth ended up winning from the moon a substantial measure of its light, equal to about five days.
With this in hand, Thoth then took this extra time, and gave it to Nut. In doing so this had the effect of increasing the earth’s number of days per year, allowing Nut to give birth to a succession of children; one upon each of the extra 5 days that were added to the original 360. And as for the moon, losing its light had quite an effect upon it, for it became weaker and smaller in the sky. Being forced to hide itself periodically to recuperate; it could only show itself fully for a short period of time before having to disappear to regain its strength.

From this we get that the moon was blanketed in a kind of dust, being dimmer. This could have been kicked up by the sudden contraction. The Egyptians also link this to the lengthening of the year. Of course, memory of the number of days changing would imply someone was there recording this, an established civilization.

Here is what could have happened

The mammoths were grazing and happy. Humans emerged from their proto-towns and settlements to go into the wilds and hunt and farm with permaculture, gathering wild seeds they had planted a season before.

For an unknown reason a phase change occurred inside the Earth itself! Earthquakes had been increasing for some time already. Then, one day, oceans erupted. The earth shook. The nuclear reactions in the Earth had altered, precipitously.

Oceans suddenly rose and the earth's crust settled into a new state, with mountains suddenly uplifted, in the Himalayas and Alps and elsewhere. The waters of the earth flooded the lands of a comparatively smaller planet.

The earth then settled into a higher-pressure scenario with now, the increasing building up of both temperature and earthquake pressure. Erratic boulders were flung around the planet in the sudden upheaval. Welcome... to the Holocene.

This is: EARTH IMPLOSION THEORY! A new idea, founded today!

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