Friday, 30 June 2017

(SYCHRONISM!) Avebury originally a SQUARE monument. (Circle builders cam...

A few things here. Two cultures in Britain, the square temple culture and the round temple culture. Round temple culture matches the Atlantic lands and Asia. Square temple everywhere else. This relates to the Atlantis story! In addition, we can see the Atlantis lands and a huge confederation inside the Mediterranean which may have opposed them.

Mastodon bones in Cali, 130k years old with tool marks. Careers in tatters

This is most curious. How many bones were thrown away over the last 100 years, and even today, because they are found in 'intrusive' layers which don't fit the flawed narrative?

Thursday, 29 June 2017

WOW! HUMANS now millions of years older and "OUT OF AFRICA," history!

Speaks for itself! This has hardly gotten any attention but it's
basically the discovery of another 'Lucy' which is double the age of
Lucy! Lucy no longer our missing link!

Archaeologists break ranks! Skull of Homo Sapiens "dated" 40k years... a...

This is an extraordinary vindication of everything that 'alternate archaeologists' as we are called, have been saying!

Stonehenge is "CHEAP OFFCUTS" of uneven quality. All is of an OLDER BUIL...

Stonehenge is essentially a mess of different types of stones. This is rather interesting because it would imply that the builders were using what they could get their hands on, perhaps even improvising and making a few stones themselves, but that ultimately the sarsens and bluestones are sourced from another structure.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Leprechaun-size doorways in Ancient Irish churches, and 'Fairy Rings'!?

So anyway, what are these tiny doorways doing on ancient Irish churches, etc? These are found on the Cong monastery as well as Irish Ring Forts.

EXCLUSIVE! Red (Orichalcum?) "wall?" surrounded STONEHENGE. Relic of DOM...

Bizarre! Why did this 'red wall' once surround Stonehenge? In addition, it would seem that this is evident on at least two different ancient drawings? Could this be the relic of an ancient stupa, or domed structure which surrounded the monument?

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

FACT: Normans built ZERO "Mottes" in England... or anywhere! IGNORANCE A...

For centuries historians held that except for the Romans, Normans, Saxons, Britain was in a state of "Ignorance". Therefore everything must be built by these civilizations. The real ignorance is our own. Norman Mottes are not built by the Normans.

Was It was "VIRACOCHA" DISEASES which wiped out the MAYA EMPIRE in c.800...

Check my latest video! Was it Viracocha diseases, ie that is, the plague of JUSTINIAN, brought by IRISH travellers or some other Viracocha, direct to the Yucatan peninsula?

Thursday, 22 June 2017

PARADIGM SHIFT: Enormous CITY discovered next to Angkor Wat!! Prester Jo...

Humungous city discovered next to Angkor Wat. Both a revolution in paradigms, as well as possible location for Prester John's kingdom? (Could it have been India as well?)

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The Numidian Romans (Algerians) copied the INDIAN Sanchi Stupa Also? Wan...

An even closer resemblance to the Sanchi Stupa than the Pantheon lies in Algeria. It is known as the Tomb of a Roman Queen. 

Did "Stoic"(Buddhist) Romans, returning from INDIA, build the PANTHEON t...

It would seem that the Romans copied the Sanchi Stupa. Their Stocism is also so simlar to Buddhism.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Indians plastered ATOMIC THEORY across their monuments?! Drew atoms!

Ancient India knew atomic power! Woohoo!

"Carl Wark" Northern UK. Are these an ancient superfortress, or just mes...

Carl Wark is basically an ancient megafortress. Amazing. Absolutely amazing!

THIS is behind the SEVENTH DOOR. (dangerous GMO LAB?) EVIDENCE

There is various evidence that looked behind this crazy door is in fact an ancient GMO lab. The information is encoded in the door!

Last supercivilization lost in catastrophe. Archaeologists silent. Why?

My discussion of what's up with archaeology, mythologists, ancient historians, on why they are not discussing the obvious lost civilization responsible for so many lost technologies.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

'Greys' are human and "destroyed the Earth" in 10,000 years. Messed with...

In this scneario, greys have utterly destroyed planet earth! They are coming back through time by using quantum entanglement technologies.

70,000-years-old 'Machined Pillar' and THAT indestructable iron pillar. ...

Absolutely unbelievable ancient machined pillars and the bizarre indestructable Iron Pillar. Must have been made by ancient supercivilization that was destroyed in the Toba explosion!

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Bizarre "Rowtor Rocks" are a fossilised ''Silo/factory', from lost hyper...

Fossilisation of rocks can occur via many means indeed. In this case, it would seem that we could be looking at a facility of some kind, from a lost hypercivilization? Fossilisation of this facility or factory, would occur by becoming encased in lava, which is what it resembles.

Egyptian Polygonal "Megalithic" walls... 3700 BC!! They say... "New King...

According to Norman Lockyer, who wrote an epic and brilliant book: "the Dawn of Astronomy", the Karnak temple dates to 3700 BC, when it was at prime solstice alignment. YET! This is supposed to be a New Kingdom Temple. Guess what... it has as polygonal wall

Baalbek is 37,000 years old?! Built by 'Romans', so why did "Biblical Gi...

How odd that this Roman building should have had a door carved in it by possibly ancient giants?! Baalbek was possibly constructed by ancient giants.

Monday, 12 June 2017

"Experts," "solved" the Paulding Light as headlights. Ignored decaying P...

Check out this video on the Paulding light! This is an incredible visual phenomenon found in Michigan. We travel there and find out what's really going on. "Experts" claim that it is just headlights. The truth... it is not just headlights! 

Monday, 5 June 2017

Discovering a 2000 + year stone "Viracocha" mega-Castle. "They" say stor...

This is just incredible. There appears to be a huge, enormous, buried stone fortress located in Ohio. It seems to have been a fortress of the Viracocha! Astounding! The blocks are cut just like they do in Ireland, Scara Brahe. They also say the Viracocha tale is a fairy tale! Nonsense! It's real!

Was "Earth Energy" used to place Serpent Mound at 'Ancient Catastrophe' ...

Check this out! It would seem that Earth Energy was tapped into by ancient shamans, in their decision to place the Serpent Mound, Ohio, in this particular location! Additional discoveries from being at the site: It would seem there is a leeline, which the serpent mound is part of. It's a pyramid on the other side of the ravine which the Serpent happens to be pointing to. I was very excited coming here, realising that this was on a hill, and that there would be leelines to look out for!