Friday, 29 September 2017


Atahualpa and the Puma Punku Stones?!

Bolivia is the home of Puma Punku which seems to have been used as a
quarry for generations, to build Tiwanaku and other structures... yet
what of this... what of Coricancha, Peru?

Coricancha was a fabulous temple of gold, the most important in the Inca
Empire. We can even see slots where the gold would once have been
fitted. (Just like the nubs would have held gold up, in the cities of

We see Puma-Punku type stones with very similar cuts in the door of
Coricancha, which is extraordinary! 

There is also a dam in Yemen, the
Marib Dam, which is built about in the time of Solomon. This could
correspond to the land of Sheba, also. Solomon seems to have sourced
orichalcum or some other mineral from the Americas, hence a link to the

The Marib dam looks very similar indeed to what is going on at

It was evil conquistadors of Pizarro who ultimately stripped the temple
during their conquest of the Inca Empire. Most of the gold used to
random Atahualpa was taken from here! 

Friday, 15 September 2017

A "JUDGE FOR YOURSELF" (Giant?) found at Hanging Rock... AUSTRALIA's DEV...

Is this a carving of the fallen Angel? 

Hanging rock, Victoria (Mount
Diogenes) is truly Bizarre. It is a 'volcanic plug', or so they say!
This makes it rather similar to the creepy Devil's Tower, and this place
is also known for `abductions' albeit fictional ones!

I believe that many of the vertical volcanic elements of this could
encapsulate a fossilised forest of sorts. 

The place is just so strange
and bizarre and different, I am really not quite sure to make of it all.

On the one hand we have this statue of a fifty foot tall giant... or is
he a fossilised tree or merely basalt left over from the volcano? To me,
he seems to have been carved somewhat, but why who or what? 

We also
have this crocodile-like formation which is also odd!

My theory on all this is that a forest was buried, with trees far more
ancient than are seen today, but not totally unlike the trees of today.
Perhaps these were similar to large banksias, which are the previous
type of Eucalyptus. Then, the trees were covered over and quickly

Then they were fossilised. What remains is a mixture of fossil
trees and volcanic crystal basalt. At least in some respects some tree
imprints and grains appear, strangely to be preserved!

Then there is the curious story `Picnic at Hanging Rock', in which some
schoolgirls on a daytrip go missing. Look, the whole story is completely

Having said that there is indeed a force of sorts at work,
possibly something geomagnetic, or such, which is causing a type of
attachment to the landscape. a TRAILER to this vid is available on my
Dr. Charles Kos facebook! 

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Newton's Suspicion about the Great Pyramid may shock you!

Newton's Was Amazing! 

Isaac Newton seems to have believed in the lost Super-civilization. He
believed in a pre-Diluvian advanced world, much more so than his own.

believed that the previous people had already worked out all the
physical laws, and sought the dimensions of the Egyptian cubit in the
circumference of the Great Pyramid. This would give him the
circumference of the Earth which would give him the gravitational

 Khufu, according to legend had a dream. He saw the stars spinning and
wished to help the world out by building the great pyramid. He thought
his dream might refer to the end of the world.

I believe the great
pyramid enshrined old sciences (this is what the legend says!), In fact
Newton was AWARE of this and thought it was a clue from the past!

Newton had an enormous library of thousands of books. He actually read
John Greaves' PYRAMIDOGRAPHIA as well as other books on Egypt as well
the temple of Solomon.

He quickly grasped the import, antiquity and
implications of the Great Pyramid.

He used Greaves' as well as Burattini's measures on the Great Pyramid,
though these were inaccurate, and as a result was unable to put the
final stamp on his theory of gravitation until 1671, when Jean Picard
was able to finally measure a degree of latitude which came to 69.1
English miles.

Newton himself wrote the work: "A Dissertation upon the Sacred Cubit of
the Jews and the Cubits of several Nations: in which, from the
Dimensions of the Greatest Pyramid, as taken by Mr. John Greaves, the
ancient Cubit of Memphis is determined".

High-tech purpose of the pyramids!

We cover the topic of Vimanas also. What is a vimana? It means Craft.
Pushpaka Vimana means Aerial Flying Craft. These were artificial craft
of tens of thousands of years ago... high technology. Some were said to
have been pyramid-shaped and three stories.

 I believe the spaceship-precision of, in particular, the descending
corridor of the Great Pyramid actually enshrines vimana-like technology.
All artificial hills, pyramids, stupas, across the world were
originally conceived as craft for the fallen angel (Loki is trapped
under a huge rock, a pyramid), to return to heaven. Loki/Budh was the
monotheistic god.

The Khufu version was Khnumm, creator of man. Another
monotheistic lord was the sun god. So, why not help this helper of
mankind, get back to heaven! Build him a vimana! In fact many plateaus
may have been flattened out for this `purpose'.

Check it out on youtube!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

WOW! Ancient Legend CONFIRMS "High Tech" at Puma Punku!

Ancient Legends Reveal the Secret of Puma Punku!

If Puma Punka was built by hand tools, then how come local legend says
it was built in one day by "flying gods?" That certainly makes no sense.
Is this related to the Nazca Lines somehow?

According to local legends, ancient gods flew in and built Puma Punku in
a single 'long night', whatever that means! Then, the same gods, or
other gods, were somehow unhappy with the work. They levitated the
stones into the air and spun them over and then dropped them all, where
they still lie to this day. This was supposedly accompanied by a lot of

This does not fit the idea of people with stone hammers bashing
away at the rocks.

In Ancient Aliens Debunked, it is pointed out that ancient-mystery TV
shows fail to point out the presence of evidence nearby that this was
bashed out of rock with primitive tool, IE stone mauls and then grinders
to smooth it out. 

The 'evidence' presented is a rock which appears to
have been abandoned but used this technique. I would say this is NOT by
the same builders. Think about it. You have completed your temple, or
whatever it was supposed to have been. You are then supposed to have

A deeper look at the evidence shows that the entire site was worked over
by low-tech as well as high-tech people. 

Examples of low tech include
the low-tech inscriptions placed on the otherwise high-tech Gate of the
Sun. Look at the #Akapana_Pyramid.
(low tech sandstone blocks stacked together which may have been
quarried out of the remnant of Puma Punku). Look also at Kalasasaya
semi-subterranean Temple. It is obviously blocks which were once huge
cut up sandstone which then filled around the edges of a huge
rectangular set of standing stones similar in shape to the Rudestone
monolith in Yorkshire. Similar builders?

The whole site is a high-tech one contaminated with low-tech. 

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

VICTORIA: Found "Palace Wall" in DESTROYED-"STONEHENGE" area, inside CR...

Palace Wall of Vanished Civilization, Victoria

Wonderful Vanished Civilisation from Western Victoria. From my website:


Conspiracy of Silence?

I have only been studying this for about two years, but in this time I was able to easily put two and two together and see what is going on. The question is, why have others not been able to do the same? It is pretty clear there were no protection mechanisms at all in Western Victoria in the 19th century and farmers were able to destroy what they wanted. I believe they may have feared the return of the aboriginees and wished to obliterate all remaining traces. The current remaining stonehenges are located in semi-secret locations, one protected by Park Rangers, thank goodness. As late as the 1940s, a remarkable Avebury-like stone serpent was in fact obliterated in New South Wales. 

I feel this is very similar to the pre-Maori civilization of New Zealand, which people have described as 'Celtic'. I would in fact describe it as partly 'Toltec' or even 'Terascan.' These people were a mixture of Atlantics and Native Americans, as certain of their artefacts appear 'Celtic.' in appearance. It all goes to show there were MANY world-explorers, long long long before Colombus!"

Friday, 1 September 2017

HAD ENOUGH! Puma Punku 80,000 years old! MANY later modifications!

Puma Punku must be 80,000 years old! 

Let's look at some stuff:

Glaring Anomalies no-one mentions: 
* There was a 40m x 7m x ?m deep block, obviously geopolymer, as not cut from rocks at the site. Can't lift the thing! 
* Conquistadors/Archaeologists made a 'repair' by using clamps or something to 'hold the blocks together?' which is so useless the original builders would not have bothered. Everyone erroneously thinks this is original? 
* The enormous block could never have been dragged there, and was broken apart in a tremendous Earth Upheaval as has been separated, yet is too heavy for anyone to have done it. There must have been a terrified catastrophe or bombardment which history does not record, hence the site is at least 80,000 years of age, perhaps pre-Toba supervolcano when Earth was One language. 
* The door of Tiwanaku nearby looks like the rest of Puma Punku with the exception that the carving is pretty sloppy and was done by a later people, (much later). 
* The Tiwanaku sun gate also contains side slots which are found on the Infamous Seventh Door at Padaswamy Temple in India which I have also suggested is a kind of research facility or temple. 
* There are tiny steps leading out of a foot bath, which may have been used for decontamination purposes, so were these people actually four foot tall? 
* Skyscrapers are depicted on the reliefs which look like the Petronas Tower. 
* Puma Punku looks nothing like half the stuff at Tiwanaku, ergo Tiwanaku was built from the RUINS of Puma Punku and goodness knows what else! 
* Puma Punku also looks NOTHING like ANYTHING else in Peru. Peru seems to have been a mountain world fortress in ancient times. Even all the other stuff in Peru which is high technology was from tens of thousands of years after Puma Punku was built! 
* Who built the metal clamps and where are they? Could this have been used as a church by conquistadors who were worried about further earthquakes affecting the structure? What is going on here?! This makes absolutely no sense! 
* Could go on and on endlessly! It was a research facility, built from geopolymer! 
* This is sure as heck not "536AD and later" as is claimed. If it was it would match everything else in Peru. It does not! That's total fakery! The world was in a HUGE catastrophe in that time!? No-one built NOTHING! 
* Taking everything into consideration, dating this to the Vimana period of 80,000 BC at least