Tuesday, 4 June 2019

HOW to be ENTERTAINING when making a Speech! (BONUS "Macinaw Triangle!")

Hi everyone! In this I try to give an entertaining speech for a toastmasters educational! Wooohoooo! I talk about crazy stuff in Michigan such as the Paulding Light and why the movie Somewhere in Time was really called that. Macinaw Triangle I am calling it.

Monday, 3 June 2019

How the MEGALITHIC ROCKS were CUT and DRESSED: Three-Step Process.

Hi everyone! World 1st! In this video we reveal a three-step process for making megalithic walls. We see walls with the third step omitted. Sometimes (in Greece) the first step omitted. (no lasering) and even the last step is also omitted. We will do a fifth follow-up vid with stone evidence for the different steps, looking at different walls! The three steps are
1) Cutting, lasering with Solomon's Shamir?
2) Moving (high tech machinery required?)
3) Geopolymer for refinishing.
4*) Pillowing as part of refinishing process but possibly also as part of earlier carving process. You don't see pillowing on every stone it's not always used.

Sunday, 26 May 2019


Hebrew text describes the device used to CUT MEGALITHIC BLOCKS.... in pre4000 BC! (Date given by ancient text!) This has been interpreted by Dr Charles in this video using ancient paradigms to come to the stunning conclusion we shall see in part two: "A Nuclear Pumped Laser" was used to cut these rocks direct from the cliff! They were then transported perhaps with trucks and fitted together again! Brien Foerster says this was all cut but never explains that it could not be done without a laser!

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Friday, 24 May 2019

Medieval Art used 'Mind Trick' instead of 'Perspective'. Then this happe...

Ubiquitous use of colour implies use of a phenomenon called chromosteriosis by which it makes it easy to judge distance. ALSO, Did changing solar intensity affect the transition from chromosteriospic art to perspective art in Italy?! We believe the drop in intensity of sunlight undermined the effect of making red objects appear at the forefront and blue objects in the background, hence the need to shift to perspective in human art with shift in solar output. =)