Tuesday, 24 January 2017

LOST TECH: Schist Disk, 3000 BC: What it is/how it's made? Like this?

The #Schist_disk is an utterly amazing artefact from the tomb of #Sabu, #Saqqara of the 1st dynasty. In this video we propose that this disk is in fact METAL but COATED in stone! That's right, the Egyptians had high tech abilities of their own, they were able to coat in enamal, glaze, Egyptian Blue, this too is similar. We also suggest the video could be WAY older than it seems to be it simply does not match the artefacts found in the rest of the tomb.

In addition it seems to be a turntable.

Monday, 23 January 2017

The TEMPLE of the SUN: Ollamtaytambo. Used to be something else. Commentary

I am really not sure what to make of this amazing structure, the TEMPLE OF THE SUN at Puma Punku. For sure it was formerly something else, totally different. This fortress wall clearly continued in various directions. What even happened to it? It could be a type of reinforced concrete.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

How Phobos (and the Moon) were formed?! ('Craters' were there from the b...

Ok, how is this for a hypothesis/theory? What happened, perhaps is that the moon did not start out as a smooth soft marble and acquire lots of craters from impacts. Rather the moon, as well as Phobos, a small moon of Mars are in fact VOLCANIC ROCKS ejected by massive massive, mega supervolcanoes! In the case of our moon, the supervolcano caldera is the Pacific ocean!

Craters"Impact Craters", don't really exist. ERROR of Geology/Astronomy. Volcan...


This is part 3 in a series of four videos. It appears that #Impact_Craters, are not what they seem, despite so-called conclusive proof from NASA missions that they are in fact caused by impact (rather they possibly found space desris inside volcanic craters). The major problem is these things are too rounded or hexagonal shaped from lava flows, which solidify in the quartize crystaline shape.

Saturday, 21 January 2017


Unfortunately I am yet to see a truly artificial crashed UFO/craft on the Martian surface. This is really sad! This can be identified as Basalt, quite easily, even what looks like a crashed disk.



The moon, and most noticeably, other planets as well, all have this huge Giants' Causeway-like structure on the surface, which is quite extraordinary. This is really something very bizarre but interesting. Frozen Basaltic formations. This MEANS that all these so-called craters on the moon, which are in fact hexagonal, are really VOLCANIC in origin. Craters as we know them do not really exist! This also reveals how the moon was really formed!

Monday, 16 January 2017

Ancient Egyptians KNEW BUDDHA. Pyramids = stupas, REAL ORIGIN of PYRAMID...

Well, it turns out that Ptah=Buddha. The vocalization of this sound is said to be 'Pitar', but archaeologists trying to work this out assume no regional dialect, in which it could be easily 'Buddha'. This is essentially the Buddha god, with stupas built in Egypt. This was a 'god who created the world by thought'. They came into Egypt from central Asia.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

EGYPT's 25 'Alien coffins' SAQQARA SERAPEUM. Built with STEAM ENGINES, G...

In this video, it is suggested that Heron's steam engine and other inventions were in fact sourced from much earlier books, and that there was an 'Industrial Age' in Egypt in the Predynastic and Old Kingdom. This was a 'Lost Industrial Age'. They were able to work in Granite and other #technologies. They had machine tools. This knowledge was lost by the time of the New Kingdom however.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017


Ok, it would seem that there are #polygonal_walls found all over the world. In this video we concentrate on the Inca Walls, but also a brief look at the Polygonal wall underneath the temple of Delphi. This particular technique of building seems to have been a speciality of the WorldWide Pyramid Builders.

As the technique stands, they would have used cast cement in huge bags. Each rock corresponding to a particular bag and then a biodegradeable lining on each bag. Wooden or Stone Supports made up the border of each stone. The fine finish being produced by cast stone. It's really the only way! The only other way I can conceive would be if somehow the pyramid builders 3d-printed out each stone independently to computer precision.

Sunday, 1 January 2017


For centuries people have been puzzling over the fate of the missing pyramid capstones. The East Romans (Greek Empire) seem to have invented a practice of shipping things around, and the West Romans before them. They shipped various architectural artefacts from around their empire to convince themselves of how magnificent their empire was. Among them, a column of Thuthmosis, and I Am suggesting, also the #GREAT_PYRAMID_CAPSTONE