Thursday, 15 March 2018

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So-called colonial root cellars are not colonial at all! They are actually over ten thousand years old!

Sunday, 4 March 2018

'Un-Arguable PROOF' of North-American, ANCIENT British Empire!!!?

John Dee was correct, and Archaeology just can't seem to get it right!? There is abundant proof of ancient MIGRATORY links with Ancient Britain, in North America! People migrating over quickly mixed with the natives, so archaeologists think it's only natives who set it all up! But why can't it be both? It seems that it's ok that Native Americans migrated from Siberia, (Old Siberians/Yakuts) but not ok that they migrated over from the other direction!

Anyway, my new book is now out. Here is a US link.

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Perhaps this was the empire of Cymbeline or Old King Cole during the glorious days of the British Iron Age, when Britain was a very powerful state! Arthur's time was the Iron or Bronze Ages. It was NOT the Dark Ages of the 500s. There were no British Coins even made during this time. It was a catastrophic time.