Sunday, 28 January 2018

My Movie 11

We propose ghosting is increased in periods of solar inactivity. Here is why! Did more SIMULATION "glitches" show up during the Maunder Minima?

SUN makes "Simulation" "Slip up," Causing "MORE GHOSTS" = "Dark Ages?" ELECTRIC UNIVERSE PROOF?

The Cosmological Pendulum of Hans Alfven and Eric Lerner is essentially a swing between times of practical experiment and mysticism being used in liu of science. A fascinating aspect of this is that modern sciences are part of the pendulum... as MYSTICISM! That's right, all those ridiculous blackboard equations are just a bunch of extrapolation and statistics, but what about empirical experiment? That is really an age of science.

One slip in the pendulum is that we went from an enlightened time into a dark ages, with the destructions of the library of alexandria, when it was no longer socially appropriate to even have a library, which is just ridiculous!

WE PROPOSE that the universe is a simulation. However the coherence of the simulation reaching us is strained severely by the lack of sun-spots = magnetic poles on the sun. This creates ghosting on Earth, as per simulation theory.

This is what happened... SIMULATION from an unknown place in the universe is affected by lack of coherance in magnetic fields. According to electric universe people, electric fields shape the universe and reshape it continually, providing order.

This cannot happen, POSSIBLY if the sun's electric field are affected, causing a scattering of the effects of the simulation. Hence we see more ghosts. It is established in this video that some ghosts can even be still living! THIS is why the Salem witch trials took place... even clever people such as Cotton Mathers, responsible for an early vaccine, actually supporting the trials. It seems there was once a time when ghosts were more ubiquitous, contributing to superstition in people during 'dark' ages of solar inactivity.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

MELUSINE legend: "Repto-Human Hybrid laboratory" found in Egyptian Pyram...

These are surely the OLDEST legends of the EXCAVATION OF EGYPT!

The Melusine Legend tells of something bizarre and frightful. It's really hard to interpret this legend, presumably because it's a combination of legends. Then it would all make far more sense. It seems something to do with an Egyptian excavation of some place in Egypt, possibly, in deep antiquity, but then again it could really have taken place anywhere at all!

It's really weird. The legend as I take it is from "the mysterious past", by Robert Charroux. There must have been many many excavations of the Great Pyramid by invaders in deep antiquity but barely anything survives, which is just crazy!

We propose it is a memory of a biotech cloning experiment held in deep antiquity. It is of course, ancient science fiction which was then absorbed into a medieval legend. It originates in western Europe, possibly a remnant of the ancient biotech systems and sciences of the past Supercivilization.

Sunday, 21 January 2018


Is the HINDU-ARABIC system the basis for LOST WORLD SUPER-TECHNOLOGY, ONCE WORLDWIDE!? John Dee, Sigils, Ancient Giants! Tiwanaku, France, Temple Church, omg!

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Was John Dee playing around with a sigil system which actually relates to an ancient computer code typed into a 'magic square?'

We speculate in this video that the number system known most commonly used today is actually one of the clearest remnants of that utilised by ancient giants. It is rather unclouded. Other languages like Latin also retain a number system, however as there was more super-catastrophe affecting the northern hemisphere and India was more sheltered, their number system reflects better that utilised by the ancient giants. 

The number system was also very similar to that used by China, and the Mayans. Their base-20 system is reflected in ancient France, possibly a relic of the Atlantean system. The Atlantean time is epitomised by the similarity of temples such as Kalasasaya, Tiwanaku, and Temple Church in London.

What is significant is use of ZERO which all of ancient Asia possessed is essential for the creation of infinitesminal numbers which allows the production of machine tools.

We also speculate the Romans were originally a type of Hun who share characteristics between theirs and the Sumerian number system.

Thursday, 18 January 2018



NEW THEORY! We arrive at the question of what are Phobos and Deimos actually. Conventional wisdom states that these are made up out of a light 'porous' substance, which 'they' say is less solid than solid rock. Actually they are possibly both made of pumice.

In examining various densities, we find that moons all over the solar system are actually LESS DENSE than planets. What's going on? The answer could be that most of these are made of volcanic materials. They are then coated and filled in with cosmic dust, increasing densities, but still maintaining lower densities than other, larger 'rocky' worlds.

We also question why mine the asteroid field when one can mine Mercury, which has surely far denser heavy metals. Perhaps heavy metals collected towards the center of the solar system at an early time or Mercury's density is an effect of being cooked by the sun for just so long.

Isn't a ball lightning really just a smaller star? Why not have stars inside planets with hot internal cores? Also, finally, it would seem that the regular beat of the internal Electric Sun, a catastrophic pulsating variable (perhaps all stars are like this), with a fifty-million-year extinction beat, is the variability of the internal star which dramatically expands and contracts the earth, which is then stabilised after pole shift with some unknown electric universe effect.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018


Those Mastabas we see lined up next to the Great Pyramid are simply ANOTHER PYRAMID CULT, built by possibly a different people to those who built the Giza pyramids! The proof is in the pudding. The Mastaba, a rectangular, pyramid-like design, is clearly found all around the world and pre-dates the ones found in Egypt next to the Great Pyramid.

They seem to be simply pyramids in yet another form. They have a pyramid angle on their sides, they face the cardinal points, and they are found all around the world. The implication of this is that the Giza pyramid builders are different from the Giza mastaba builders. Heck, they are even a different way of 'burying' as the pyramid has internal chambers and the mastaba burials are down a vertical shaft!

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Merlin Legend PROVES "Time Crystal", Great Pyramid PRE-OCCUPANTS and Anc...


This is just fascinating! For instance, let's examine what's going on here! Time Crystals, Merlin and Ancient Egypt!

Friday, 12 January 2018




This video introduces "Sudden Earth Implosion Theory." The crust is wrapped around a Brown Dwarf which is a pulsating or eruptive variable star? This explains... EVERYTHING?

* If the Earth suddenly shrinks it creates huge uplift = Mountain Ranges, Tiwanaku.

* Earth cannot transfer spin momentum to another object so it keeps the spin of a much larger planet, hence we go to from 260 to 360 to 365 days. The old calendars are never MORE than 365 days suggesting size change in one direction.

* When Earth shrinks, earthquakes and then universal flood occurs as water has no-where to go but up on a smaller earth!

* It is well known that, actually, many variable stars just simply change in size, so we need to be asking WHAT is at the center of the earth? It's apparently hot because of fusion generated by everything squeezing together. Excuse me but that's the definition for a star. Explain Proxima Centauri at Magnitude 13, one of the most infra-red stars in the sky which is the same thing. Every planet must be formed around a cold dwarf or an active dwarf! It's not a cold stone ball!

* Some eruptive variables are more variable on one side of the star than the other. Some are 'radial'. It doesn't matter. ANY size change will adversely affect polar angle due to the shift in angular momentum occasioned by the difference in mass of different continents. I speculate that pole is re-stabilised by some kind of electric universe effect such as z-pinch, but this is a guess. The Crust is simply cometary debris (including water) on top of this brown dwarf.

Monday, 8 January 2018



Hello everybody. On this show we are going to talk about the hypothesised pole shift, 13,000 years ago, and in a follow up video, which will be part 2, unveil a whole new mechanism fro the ancient polar shifts, which we feel explains the reason mammoths are today being dug up in frozen Siberia. Quite simply the earth changed size. We feel this can account for Ancient-Egyptian calendars which switched from 360 to 365 days and global catastrophe that ensued. It can account for the so-called Ice Ages as well as the extinction of mammoths, and the flooding of the earth, which was remembered as the large major catastrophe which occurred after the ice age.

In fact, if we look at the distribution of ice in the previous glacial period, it was centered on Greenland and the North Atlantic. This could be, or is assumed to be because Greenland is the only real big landmass in the arctic and this is where glaciers were, but this version of why the ice age was centred on the North Atlantic is untenable when we bring the mammoths into the equation. This animal, which seems to have been a cold-climate version of the elephant, lived in Northern Russia, yet clearly some parts of what is today, temperate Europe, were strangely uninhabitable to it! Utterly Bizarre as today these areas are tundra, which means it's a pretty stark landscape. Bear in mind also that mammoths were snap frozen by an event which happened very suddenly, with their bellies full of green food, as if their whole world was instantly turned upside down, and they are still frozen, proving it was not a cometary catastrophe, whose devastating conditions would have receded, but a conversion of their world into another environment, forever. When people start asking the right questions, usually beginning with 'I wonder why.' They will begin finding the right answers, but no-one really asks why the mammoths are still frozen when the world is warmer than the freezing times when the mammoths were grazing away, because the answer blows away everything we think we know, as is the case in every single science and even ancient history. Discoveries often begin with the words: "that's funny" and a new realisation is applied to existing information.