Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Does Synchronism prove Hologram Theory? 

There is a lot of talk lately that we are some form of projection. 

I did not believe the Hologram Theory at first but it sure as hell explains a lot. Increasingly clear this could be the case, at least as far as it might enable understanding of coincidence. The physicists have got it all wrong. There is not just entropy (disorder) which is increasing. (In the 19th century the physicists realized that everything is driven thermodynamically, so that heat (disorder) can be generated, driving all things forwards.) In fact, some bizarre coincidences today scream that something else is at play. 

Everything in the universe is stacked information. What is coincidence anyway except for a projection of related 'information' in the same place at the same time. That's when people say 'wow small world'. That information is one 'pixel' as the projectionists would say, being broadcast from somewhere in the universe. The fact the coincidences do not match up exactly indicate the pixel itself of information is being damaged by the distance it has to travel. 

This is where it gets funny. It's like an information 'entropy', in terms of an engine for moving things forward. Things bound within the same space-time system (us for example?) are continuously being USED to generate or playback information, fostered on them by something else. What is this something else? It indicates we are playing out our lives as Shakespeare would say, on a kind of stage, only in control insofar as we can 'stuff things up' as an actor might. So we are just pixels? Is that what it all is?

This leads to questions. One is really interesting (for me I suppose)

  • Are we, a highly infinitely complex organism kept alive due to projection capacity or our own capacity. 

Finding the location of the Great Projector

This is where it gets interesting! Hold on tight, because:

We could also triangulate the distance of the hidden 'projector' by somehow measuring the time difference and relatedness of coincidences on other star systems, assuming we became interstellar. If we were to stand in front of the projector, coincidences would actually be 'repetitions' rather than a kind of whimsical deja vu with an air of 'possibility'.

In addition, the 'repetitions' might occur at exactly the same time, so in a world located in front of the GREAT PROJECTOR coincidence and so me other magical stuff would be eliminated! Would there be less quantum mechanics, therefore, going on in worlds in front of the great projector?

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