Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Newton's Suspicion about the Great Pyramid may shock you!

Newton's Was Amazing! 

Isaac Newton seems to have believed in the lost Super-civilization. He
believed in a pre-Diluvian advanced world, much more so than his own.

believed that the previous people had already worked out all the
physical laws, and sought the dimensions of the Egyptian cubit in the
circumference of the Great Pyramid. This would give him the
circumference of the Earth which would give him the gravitational

 Khufu, according to legend had a dream. He saw the stars spinning and
wished to help the world out by building the great pyramid. He thought
his dream might refer to the end of the world.

I believe the great
pyramid enshrined old sciences (this is what the legend says!), In fact
Newton was AWARE of this and thought it was a clue from the past!

Newton had an enormous library of thousands of books. He actually read
John Greaves' PYRAMIDOGRAPHIA as well as other books on Egypt as well
the temple of Solomon.

He quickly grasped the import, antiquity and
implications of the Great Pyramid.

He used Greaves' as well as Burattini's measures on the Great Pyramid,
though these were inaccurate, and as a result was unable to put the
final stamp on his theory of gravitation until 1671, when Jean Picard
was able to finally measure a degree of latitude which came to 69.1
English miles.

Newton himself wrote the work: "A Dissertation upon the Sacred Cubit of
the Jews and the Cubits of several Nations: in which, from the
Dimensions of the Greatest Pyramid, as taken by Mr. John Greaves, the
ancient Cubit of Memphis is determined".

High-tech purpose of the pyramids!

We cover the topic of Vimanas also. What is a vimana? It means Craft.
Pushpaka Vimana means Aerial Flying Craft. These were artificial craft
of tens of thousands of years ago... high technology. Some were said to
have been pyramid-shaped and three stories.

 I believe the spaceship-precision of, in particular, the descending
corridor of the Great Pyramid actually enshrines vimana-like technology.
All artificial hills, pyramids, stupas, across the world were
originally conceived as craft for the fallen angel (Loki is trapped
under a huge rock, a pyramid), to return to heaven. Loki/Budh was the
monotheistic god.

The Khufu version was Khnumm, creator of man. Another
monotheistic lord was the sun god. So, why not help this helper of
mankind, get back to heaven! Build him a vimana! In fact many plateaus
may have been flattened out for this `purpose'.

Check it out on youtube!

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