Friday, 1 September 2017

HAD ENOUGH! Puma Punku 80,000 years old! MANY later modifications!

Puma Punku must be 80,000 years old! 

Let's look at some stuff:

Glaring Anomalies no-one mentions: 
* There was a 40m x 7m x ?m deep block, obviously geopolymer, as not cut from rocks at the site. Can't lift the thing! 
* Conquistadors/Archaeologists made a 'repair' by using clamps or something to 'hold the blocks together?' which is so useless the original builders would not have bothered. Everyone erroneously thinks this is original? 
* The enormous block could never have been dragged there, and was broken apart in a tremendous Earth Upheaval as has been separated, yet is too heavy for anyone to have done it. There must have been a terrified catastrophe or bombardment which history does not record, hence the site is at least 80,000 years of age, perhaps pre-Toba supervolcano when Earth was One language. 
* The door of Tiwanaku nearby looks like the rest of Puma Punku with the exception that the carving is pretty sloppy and was done by a later people, (much later). 
* The Tiwanaku sun gate also contains side slots which are found on the Infamous Seventh Door at Padaswamy Temple in India which I have also suggested is a kind of research facility or temple. 
* There are tiny steps leading out of a foot bath, which may have been used for decontamination purposes, so were these people actually four foot tall? 
* Skyscrapers are depicted on the reliefs which look like the Petronas Tower. 
* Puma Punku looks nothing like half the stuff at Tiwanaku, ergo Tiwanaku was built from the RUINS of Puma Punku and goodness knows what else! 
* Puma Punku also looks NOTHING like ANYTHING else in Peru. Peru seems to have been a mountain world fortress in ancient times. Even all the other stuff in Peru which is high technology was from tens of thousands of years after Puma Punku was built! 
* Who built the metal clamps and where are they? Could this have been used as a church by conquistadors who were worried about further earthquakes affecting the structure? What is going on here?! This makes absolutely no sense! 
* Could go on and on endlessly! It was a research facility, built from geopolymer! 
* This is sure as heck not "536AD and later" as is claimed. If it was it would match everything else in Peru. It does not! That's total fakery! The world was in a HUGE catastrophe in that time!? No-one built NOTHING! 
* Taking everything into consideration, dating this to the Vimana period of 80,000 BC at least

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