Tuesday, 3 April 2018

OOPS, is UK's "Oldest Saxon Church", actually LATE ROMAN!?

This video states that the old 'Saxon Church' at Bradford on Avon is actually centuries older than this! It is clearly late Roman!

* More epic fails! The whole of architectural history in the UK could well be wrong! The example is the image of St Peters at Barton Upon Humber, shown towards the end of the video. This is clearly a Roman structure on the bottom, with a continuation in the Saxon style built a little higher. At top there is a Norman edifice!

* look at the Curia Julia, the Roman Senate! This is a larger version of what is going on at Bradford on Avon, yet built during the time of Augustus!

* look at the ruins of Ardmore, clearly Roman, (they say SAXON) motifs yet there were no Saxons in Ireland! What's going on!

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