Monday, 2 April 2018

How to INSTANTLY overcome any Insecurity!

You can use ancient mysteries, ie the laws of the Hermetic Corpus, to step into championhood.


If you want to be a champion, simply adopt the energy of a champion. That's it! STEP INTO THE CHAMPIONSHIP ENERGY NOW!

* Overcome insecurities by realising they are PROGRAMMING which has been instilled for primitive survival reasons. These are there to keep you second guessing.

* Realise that your programming is actually WHAT YOU WANT. for instance you want to come across as second guessing, that's what you get! How about instead stepping into the energy of a champion, in YOUR chosen field!

* Realise that you are made perfect, so who are you, or any of us to DARE to measure ourselves against any other! We simply are and that's all there is to it! We are blessed with a fully functional body, a wonderful mind, and a universe which WANTS us to tap into its every feature and experience its every detail!

* Hermes of ancient Egypt said it all when he said that you simply should place your mind where you want it to be! Simple!


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