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Answering your questions on Pyramid Shafts, Ancient Wonders, Bosnian Pyr...

This is a Q and A based on questions asked in my Thank you for 20k Subs video!

Partial Transcript

Has our DNA been messed with so we have 5 senses instead of 7? Is this something do with pineal gland? If yes, why?? And also what's your take on Bosnian pyramid? Do you think it's a hoax?

Physicists mention nine dimensions that we can’t access, so what if we are accessing the hidden dimensions with say our intuition, which feel into this dimension? I’m assuming you are talking about the seven chakras. I think we have hundreds of senses but we ignore them, esp in the west, but everyone else seems tuned into them. 


Bosnian pyramid is a relic of a flood. Almost everyone investigating it, especially the skpetics have missed the whole point of it. For example, they say well it isn’t archaeology because tehre is all this pudding stone everywhere, which is kind of like crushed mud mixed with river stones and other debris from a kind of landslide, however this would hav ebeen created in a catastrophe. 

Then we combine this with the sides of the pyramid which are very even and we see an immediate disconnect. You don’t get something even lke that composed of pudding stone. It shows the whole thing could be a pyramid which has been swamped by some flood. Further evidence for this idea is that you see a lot of straight pathways just coated with a kind of mudcrystal which has cracked at regular intervals. If you lay a footpath, it will also crack at regular intervals, like every meter or so. I think that’s what happened here, what Semir Osmanangic and others might take as pavers, I think are just the cracked layer of mud which has swamped the strucutre. In addition, Osmanangic has been digging out tunnels, which he says have been filled with this kind of debris, I think again possible from a kind of flood. 

In addition if you look at it from above, it only really looks like a pyramid from the town side, implying it’s been shaped deliberately into a pyramid, from the side that mattered, the side that would be viewed, and designed to look imposing and ariticifal. 

It doesn’t have to be a Egytpain-style pyrmid to be the pyramid religion, this IS the pyramid religion, in Europe. Look at stupas in Asia, Borobodur a huge round pyramid with walls facing the cardinal points like giza, just another branch of that old religion venerating the bable tower. So it is a pyramid for sure. 150% it’s a pyramid. If you can turn a mountain into a pyramid it’s a lot easier than building it. So these guys who say it’s not a pyramid, don’t even know what a pyramid is, don’t know here the word comes from and ive discovered that they actually seem to think that pyramid refers to a kind of particular shape like a platonic solid, even tho it isn’t one and the word in greek doesn’t mean a particular shape and never ever has. Just a modern myth superimposed on the ancient peoples. I’ve spent years researching pyramids and you actually find them in almost every country but why should they look the same everywhere. If you can make a mountain look like a pyramid then why not, because they are all supposed to look like a huge mountain anyway.  

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