Saturday, 5 August 2017

"MIDDAY SUN," "FUSION" technology inside the "ARK of the COVENANT"!!

Ark of the Covenant

"Whoops", 'Looks like there has been a slip up in the Biblical
translation.' A passage intended to be included with the Ark of the
Covenant, has obviously been added to Noah's Ark instead. The word is
'Tsoar'. So it reads that Noah wanted to open the window and then the
Tsohar started shining. The problem is that word, an adjective, is never
used to mean actual window or daylight but some unbelievable spleandour
instead. I came across this idea in Brad Steiger's "Super Scientists of
Ancient Atlantis". In Steiger's book they are suggesting that this is a
kind of crystal device which Noah 'switched on and off' whenever he
wanted daylight. I've decided that it really belongs with the Ark of the
Covenent and Noah's Ark. I've suggested that due to the Pandora's Box
legend, it's more likely that Two of every kind were really kept in the
Ark (box), since that was the ACTUAL high-technology device, and the
legend has become confused, increasingly with every time it has been

Consider that the Bible writers of 500 BC didn't
have the vocab to describe earlier editions of the Bible. In fact there
is some debate as to the actual age of our bible.

This is straight out of #Raiders_of_the_Lost_Ark! It's quite clear that there was some incredible power source locked inside which was unveiled.

Stay tuned for later this year when I release a book on the Ancient High Technology War. Cheers!

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