Thursday, 22 February 2018


We overturn 500 years of architectural history with new revelations! Gothic has always been with us! Possibly fake history says that it is 'gothic'. Makes no sense! It appeared everywhere at once. Was it buildings being rebuilt which were too fragile to survive the Dark Ages Catastrophe?

Additional Points!
* Milan Cathedral a replacement for a Roman Pyramid? or earlier Pyramid Structure? (Thanks Tina Silver!)
* Gothic is not German but proven to be just another Roman Style which was more delicate and less able to survive earthquakes.
* Porsena's tomb of 500 BC was actually a Gothic Structure!

Description of the Tomb of Porsena:

"Porsena was buried below the city of Clusium in the place where he had built a square monument of dressed stones. Each side was three hundred feet in length and fifty in height, and beneath the base there was an inextricable labyrinth, into which, if any-body entered without a clue of thread, he could never discover his way out. Above this square building there stand five pyramids, one at each corner and one in the centre, seventy-five feet [c. 22 meters] broad at the base and one hundred and fifty feet [c. 44 meters] high. These pyramids so taper in shape that upon the top of all of them together there is supported a brazen globe, and upon that again a petasus from which bells are suspended by chains. These make a tinkling sound when blown about by the wind, as was done in bygone times at Dodona. Upon this globe there are four more pyramids, each a hundred feet [c. 30 meters] in height, and above them is a platform on which are five more pyramids."

* Why did no-one actually call it 'gothic' till after the 'gothic' era anyway! Makes no sense! It's cos it wasn't! It's Roman pyramids and obelisks in imitation of Egypt!

* The point Arch may well be a crusader import but we prove the ancient ETRUSCANS were using it, as well as spires!
* Was it another empire, pre-Rome which built in Gothic?
* The New Kingdom architecture of Egypt seems similar to what we call Romanesque!
* Gothic = Earlier Etruscan Roman, Romanesque is the Christian Architecture of Egypt?

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