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Is there "Pirate Treasure", located in Australia? The treasure of "Blood...

Incredible Unknown Pirate Treasure in Australia?  By #Charles_Kos

"The origin of the treasure he buried, is Lima, Peru. In 1820,
authorities had been close to losing control of the city, in events
related to the Peruvian War of Independence, The authorities decided to
move their entrie treaure to mexico for safe keeping.

treasure comprised unbelievable amounts of wealth, thousands of pieces
of eight, thousands of gemstones inlaid into golden objects, 4000
dubloons, 5000 mexican crowns. Included was a remarkable seven foot
Virgin of gold weighing 780 pounds, on which were 1684 jewels. Three of
those were four-inch emeralds on the pectoral and six are six-inch
topazes on the crown. There were also seven crosses covered in diamonds.
The value today would be incalculable

Thompson deicded that he
would be a fool to part with this incredible treasure. It was of course
accompanied by Spanish marines, as well as priests. Thompson massacred
them all. He then sailed to Coccos island and buried most of the loot.
The Spanish however were on his tail. He and his ship the Mary Dear were
boarded, by the frigate 'Espigle', and the pirate crew met with a
grisly death on the yardarm.

About to be executed, Thompson and
the first mate cut a deal. They would lead the Spaniards to the treasure
in exchange for their lives. Upon reaching Coccos Island, He led the
Spaniards down a long and false path, deep into the jungle. He then
bolted, disappearing forever. It's unknown what happened to the first

Some treasure hunters, think that Thompson made it back to
Newfoundland with the help of a whaling ship. He never appears again,
bu appears to have a successor, with a strange name, Benito Bonito, of
the Bloody Sword. The name is convoluted, lengthy, and it must have been
something like Bloody-Sword Ben for short. This pirate also liked to
bury American treasure at Coccos island which he had raided in the
Americas. " ETC!

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