Monday, 20 March 2017

Channel Trailer: Upcoming Videos that "They" will never ever talk about.

This is a trailer for my main Youtube Channel. For the loading window describing videos which are upcoming:

* The Minoan Language Speakers are still with us, speaking Minoan to this day
* Leprechaun doorways in Ancient Ireland, found.
* Why Ancient Siberia was never covered by Ice
* Rival pyramid cults in Ancient UK and Ireland
* Why Pyramids look like the mountains behind them
* Hindu festival the Khumbh Mela was practised in Ancient Egypt, Ireland, UK, Germany, at confluence of rivers
* Massive heads of the Eldrich race
* Machined Indians pillars
* New Kingdom Polygonal walls
* Gobekli Tepe builders travelled to UK
* Egypt-Style Mastabas at Cahokia
* Stonehenge built from Offcuts
* Mystery of the Round towers
* Lee line navigation and why they were sacred
* Lost high-tech science, and so much more!

All vids, plus other information:

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